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Located at 24 Edwards Street, Brighton SA, you can call today on 0402 312 810 to book your appointment.

As a Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist, Kathryn Kitto has had years of experience in helping others to find a way forward and create meaningful lives, allowing themselves to shine. 

If you wish to work with Kathryn, you can contact her using this form below. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, sessions are available in person, on the phone, on skype, or on Facebook, so you CAN move forward. 

"Healing Souls is about helping at the deepest level. I love helping people. I love seeing what people can do with their lives and the happiness that they can create once they get past their blocks and are living to the best version of themselves."

Kathryn Kitto - Healing Souls

Customer Testimonials

I cannot recommend Kathryn highly enough to anyone who is looking to heal themselves and change their lives. She has been instrumental in my own journey of recovery, exploration and transformation. Not only is she a highly skilled psychotherapist and hypnotherapist but she brings great understanding and compassion to everything she does. Kathryn is a true professional and has been a powerful partner on my path of self-discovery.    Irene, 37

Kathryn is a beautiful soul & gifted therapist. I worked with Kathryn during a particularly difficult period in my life. She helped to heal some major trauma & gave me the courage & strength to release what was holding me back, & to replace it with a lasting foundation. I'm so very grateful to have been guided to her, & can thoroughly recommend Kathryn as a therapist. She is a very loving, kind, committed & professional practitioner.    Kylie from the Barossa Valley

A lovely lady with empathy and compassion


Great experience!!  Kathryn was fantastic.


She is great!! She is helping me to refocus.