What is the Freedom Zone?

What is the Freedom Zone? In terms of achievement in business, there are three main mindsets that people find themselves in…

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What holds women back from stepping into leadership?

There are certainly many women out there who have passion and expertise, but for all of this talent, women are not stepping up into leadership roles at the same rate as men. So how is it that mindset holds us back? What is mindset really made up of? How do we form our ideas? Is…

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Myths about Hypnotherapy

Want to know about hypnotherapy? Almost everyone has seen hypnosis on TV being performed on stage where people are made to act like chickens, jump around on one foot while patting their head, or to do some other crazy act. All of these stage acts make it seem the hypnotist is in control of the…

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Healing Souls - Feel Empowered to Shine

Releasing Mind Blocks for a Healthier You

    Kathryn Kitto’s article focuses on ways to release blocks in your mind and create new behaviours through making changes in your brain pathways. Kathryn is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and has a special interest in helping people create healthier thought patterns and behaviours. For hundreds of years, as stated in “The Brain that…

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