Easter – Is it time you created a new life?

For many people, Easter is a symbol of new life. Most of us understand the Christian significance of this, but from our own personal development perspective, is it also a reminder to review our own lives…

… and ask if it is time to create a new life? That may be by simply changing a few aspects of self or routine, or even doing a complete reinvention or reincarnation of self? I know these are things that I am considering this Easter weekend… can I go for an extra walk or spend more time at the gym? Can I be more on top of my administrative paperwork? Can I spend more time with my family and appreciate them more? Or do I need to do a complete life overhaul? So for you… How is it that you are creating something new in your life? How are you making positive changes in your life? What new goals are you going to achieve? Perhaps help yourself feel more motivated to achieve those goals through listening to hypnotherapy. See here for more info.

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  • Michael McGee

    April 18, 2014

    Don’t forget to check out the Hypnotherapy link at the end I just bought it and its great.

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