What is the Freedom Zone?

Are You in the Freedom Zone?

In terms of achievement in business, there are three main mindsets that people find themselves in. The first one is the Comfort Zone. I am sure that all of you know very well what the comfort zone feels like. 🙂 Yes, that’s right…warm and fuzzy, and we don’t need to challenge ourselves at all, and this is of course why many of us find it very difficult to move out of it.

But then comes that inner conflict, and we make a choice. Do we stay in the comfort zone and just accept what our situation is, or, do we face challenge and decide to move to a sense of uncomfortable? Do we decide that yes we want more out of this life, and we are ready to strive to the next level?

Thankfully for many people, the answer is yes… they do want to strive to achieve more goals and expect a higher level of living and business. People imagine how amazing their lives could be… they could help lots of clients in their business, they could achieve financial freedom, they could even buy that dream house or travel overseas several times per year.

The style of life they imagine is actually the third mindset called the Freedom Zone. In other words, you have the freedom to do whatever it is you want in life. There are some people in this world who have definitely achieved this, over and over again. However, there are others who get stuck and don’t quite make it.

Why do they get stuck? Because they are immersed in the second mindset, the Fear Zone. This zone is where most people come up with every excuse under the sun as to why they are not moving into the Freedom Zone. In the Fear Zone, it is easy to create reasons to give up, it is easy to tell yourself you are not good enough, you don’t have the skills, you can’t do this.

Unfortunately, it also means people consider moving back to the Comfort Zone because it all seems too hard. This zone is an extremely stressful zone, and people often feel massive overwhelm about moving forward. I know I have certainly felt all of these things. But what is the difference between staying in the Fear Zone and moving forward to the Freedom Zone?

Moving to the Freedom Zone means being your absolute best, being fully committed to your goals, and pushing through the fears, the resistance and the doubt. As my mentor once told me, it is nothing to do with your potential and everything to do with your commitment. You need to free yourself mentally and step up this week. Not next week or next month, but NOW!! You make that decision to move into the Freedom Zone through your actions.

Taking action and having someone to mentor me and keep me accountable were the best steps for me to push past the fear, past the resistance into the flow of action, achievement and the Freedom Zone.

So what are you waiting for? Which zone are you in? Are you in the Comfort zone, the Fear zone or are you stepping up into the Freedom Zone? Comment below and let us know.

Remember, only those who stick at it and keep moving forward get to the Freedom Zone.

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