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Mind, Emotion & Motivation – How do these help you to achieve more?

In society, there is an expectation that we should achieve our goals at certain levels and at certain speeds. However, these can be hampered by our mindset, emotions and a lack of motivation.

Good levels of motivation stem from having a balanced amount of intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is where we find motivation from people or situations around us, not from our own sense of what is important. Where people have too much extrinsic motivation, they rely completely on others to find motivation. Intrinsic motivation by comparison is where we are able to find the motivation to complete goals from within ourselves which are not based on other peoples’ expectations necessarily.

If we were to think about someone who doesn’t have a very strong sense of their own identity or self worth, then often they look to others for their own decision-making, goal-setting, motivation and value. Unfortunately this is also where anxiety and depression can be present because they are also often trying to please others to feel that they are acceptable. These types of belief systems have a negative flow on effect on the emotions too as the person struggles to work out if they have done the right thing or not, often resulting in perfectionistic or obsessive compulsive tendencies in order to calm their emotions and feel acceptable.

So how does a person develop a more balanced level of emotion & motivation?

It is all about creating a more positive mindset, creating a strong sense of self, and aligning the conscious and subconscious minds. If your mind, perception and emotions allow you to be positive about your goals and the progress of your goals, and you feel you are achieving the goal at your own pace according to what is important to you, then your motivation will also increase. Want to learn more about this? Book an appointment with Kathryn now

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