Myths about Hypnotherapy

Want to know about hypnotherapy?

Almost everyone has seen hypnosis on TV being performed on stage where people are made to act like chickens, jump around on one foot while patting their head, or to do some other crazy act. All of these stage acts make it seem the hypnotist is in control of the person, and that the poor subject has no choice but to be made fun of. However, like many stage acts, it is all just show. And so when someone considers hypnosis as part of therapy, it unfortunately means the potential client has an incorrect preconceived idea about what is involved. So how does stage hypnosis compare to hypnosis used as therapy, otherwise known as hypnotherapy?

For legitimate practitioners who use hypnosis as part of therapy, hypnotherapy is a safe process and is simply a deep state of relaxation, meditation and concentration which allows a state of heightened awareness so that the therapist can communicate more directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind controls our habits and automatic behaviours, and therefore, by working with it on a psycho-therapeutic level, the therapist helps the client to create new thought and behavioural patterns for themselves.

Surprisingly for many people, all hypnosis is self hypnosis, and the therapist cannot force it upon the client. Instead, it is the client who brings it into effect themselves by desiring it and expecting that they will succeed. While under hypnosis, clients are fully aware and are able to leave the hypnotic state at any time they wish. Contrary to the myth, when under hypnosis a client is not asleep, just extremely relaxed. Again and again, people come out of hypnosis and feel a sense of wellbeing and peace, and that they have now found a tool to be more in control of their own lives. Yes, a very different scenario to stage hypnotism!!

Written by Kathryn Kitto – Copyright 2014


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