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Breathe. Heal. Love Life.


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Healing Souls is simply about helping people... from providing therapy to clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder, to providing business growth education to other therapists or healers, so that many other people globally can be helped or healed. 

Healing Souls Therapy

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Depression, Anxiety and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) are disempowering and leave a person feeling disconnected from the rest of the world. Kathryn uses the latest techniques in neuro-plasticity to heal these conditions and help a person connect in with a positive life again. 

Best Version of You Program

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Kathryn offers you a combination of coaching, counselling and hypnotherapy, depending on what you need, tailored to your goals. This ensures you make real progress, both consciously and subconsciously, eliminating any blocks holding you back from making progress in your life and achieving your goals. 

Modern Healer Business Program

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During this last decade, internet marketing has gone from just simply having your own website to a complex series of marketing pathways... which to a beginner can seem overwhelming. In this program, Kathryn provides coaching and know-how to master these online marketing mysteries so that you can accelerate your business to the next level fast. 


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Drive, Focus & Understanding

Kathryn Kitto has worked in the self development industry for over ten years. Before this time, Kathryn worked as a consultant in her own business to government and private organisations in the information management industry. 

Kathryn has qualifications in business and psychotherapy/hypnotherapy, and has worked with hundreds of clients to help them find greater levels of success. 

- Qualified

- Experienced

- Over ten years of experience helping hundreds of clients

- Expert in online marketing technologies and helping other businesses

- Ready to Support You Now!


Kathryn is a beautiful soul & gifted therapist. I worked with Kathryn during a particularly difficult period in my life. She helped to heal some major trauma & gave me the courage & strength to replace is with a lasting foundation. I'm so grateful to have been guided to her, & can thoroughly recommend Kathryn as a therapist. She is a very kind, committed and professional practitioner. 


Barossa Valley


While I had been planning my business for more than 10 years and had been writing a business plan for the past 6 months (despite all my passion), I somehow felt disconnected with it and was scared of the next step: the implementation. Kathryn helped me to realise that the reason why I was unable to move to the next level was lying in my past. What I thought was a fear of people's judgement was in reality me being confronted with my own feelings of inadequacy. While this opened up a whole new chapter for me personally to work on, it actually took away those brake blocks that were hindering me to finally start my business. Understanding that my fear had nothing to do with the reality but was a construct of insecurity rooting from my childhood, gave me such a boost that I started with the implementation of my business plan within 48h after meeting her. Thank you so much. 

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